The Net Worth Of Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, Since We Know You’re Curious About How Much These Twins Are Raking In

Their fame, and fortunes, hardly stopped there! Moving on from TV, the girls starred in those amazing movies I watched as a kid, like Passport To Paris, It Takes Two, and Holiday in the Sun.

While nobody knows for sure what Mary-Kate and Ashley made off their movies, you can imagine it had to be a ton if they made $80,000 per episode of Full House.

By the time they were just 20-years-old, they had a company called Dualstar Entertainment, which was worth about $1 billion dollars. It sold merchandise online and in stores like Walmart.

Moving on, when Mary-Kate and Ashley retired from acting, they decided to go into fashion in 2006, and it’s been one money-making move for them.

Instagram; Mary-Kate and Ashley are pictured above in a post from Elizabeth and James

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