Mom Ends Up Giving Birth On The Highway, In The Front Seat Of Her Car

The George Washington Bridge spans from New York City to Fort Lee, New Jersey. Many people make the drive across the bridge to commute to and from work every day, and it’s a common occurrence to get stuck in traffic somewhere along the way.

For one pregnant New Jersey mom making the drive into Manhattan this past January, getting stuck in traffic wasn’t the problem, but being stuck in her car delivering her baby was!

Allison Goldfarb and her family had just moved to New Jersey, she wanted to make sure she was able to still go to Mt. Sinai, which is located in Manhattan, to deliver her second child.

On January 19th, Allison started having contractions and her doctor instructed her to make her way to the hospital. So, she and her husband Blake started driving their car over there.

“As we were driving, my contractions were increasing and my water broke, I even started to feel the head so I told my husband to call 911,” she said in a post from the FDNY that was shared on Instagram.

Pictured above is a photo of Allison and her family, as shared by the FDNY

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