Mom Wonders If She Was Too Harsh For Blaming Her Daughter After Their Babysitter Quit But The Internet Isn’t Sure

“Upon arrival, she quit. Nothing I said or did could make her stay, and I understood. I was furious with my daughter and let her have it.”

“She had several things taken away from her and she didn’t do anything remotely fun until recently.”

After their babysitter quit, this mom has struggled to find different options for her children while she attempts to replace her sitter.

“Because there’s no more sitter, there’s no one to take her to her swim class,” this mom said. “She’s been complaining that she can’t do it anymore and I told her that it’s her own fault.”

“She is why her sitter quit and until I can find someone new, she won’t get to do the fun activities that her sitter took her to.”

“My husband agrees that there’s nothing we can do, but thinks I was far too harsh with our daughter, saying she’s only 6.”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“100% I feel this so hard right now. My 6yo is making some spoiled brat life choices just like this little girl right now and then acts shocked when consequences like this one happen. Six is old enough to understand that behaving badly has consequences and if the child is unhappy with those consequences then they need to rethink their choices.”

“Who did she think was going to take her to all her fun activities if she got her sitter fired??”


“Yes! Honestly, the babysitter seems really incompetent if she can’t handle a six-year-old telling her she’s her boss. My kid says she’s a cat every day – it doesn’t make it true. And six-year-olds certainly refuse to do things they’re asked on occasion. The expectations here seem really off.”


“Info: is there any other indication of this kind of behavior, or is it exclusive to the sitter? Aside from the bratty friend, do you know of any other sources she might be learning this mindset from? I would strongly encourage monitoring and assessing the media she is consuming because this feels very much like learned behavior from an older influence than another misbehaved six-year-old.”


You can read her original post on Reddit here.

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