Paris Hilton Says It Was “Painful” To Listen To Sarah Silverman Joke About Her Going To Jail While She Sat In The Audience At The 2007 MTV Movie Awards

The 2007 MTV Movie Awards were held in Universal City, California, and Sarah Silverman was the host of the well-known awards that year.

While Sarah was hosting, she made some pretty cruel “jokes” at Paris Hilton’s expense, and Paris was sitting in the audience while this was all happening.

Earlier this week on an episode of her podcast called This is Paris, Paris actually took some time to talk about how “painful” it was to listen to Sarah do this to her in such a public setting.

“What Sarah Silverman did was so…disgusting and cruel and mean, and I was so shocked and surprised because I’d actually met her a few years before, um, when I was at an event, and she couldn’t be nicer. So sweet,” Paris said.

“I knew I was about to check myself into jail in a couple of hours…To sit in the audience with her just literally publicly humiliating me, being so mean, so cruel…I was sitting there wanting to die. I was trying to hold back my tears so hard.”

“It was so painful, especially what I was going through in my life…to have someone so mean about it was…really hard.”

Instagram; pictured above is Paris

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