This Dog Got Lost Before Hurricane Harvey Hit, But Now She Has Been Reunited With Her Family After 3 Years Of Being Missing

Maddie’s family had Maddie microchipped, but they couldn’t find out how to update the information on it.

Despite all of the setbacks, Maddie’s family refused to accept that maybe they wouldn’t find her after all.

Well, it took 3 grueling years and 2 dedicated non-profits, but now Maddie has made it back into the arms of her loved ones!

“BACK HOME AFTER 3 YEARS!!!! This 16-year-old was picked up yesterday by FPA Volunteer, Gayle on the streets of Houston,” the Forgotten Pet Advocates said in a Facebook post.

“She was immediately scanned for a chip but the information was not updated. A post with her photo was put out on all websites, volunteers were scanning lost pets, to no avail,” they continued.

Someone at the Lost Dogs Of Texas named Sharon was able to miraculously piece together that this dog was Maddie.

Sharon successfully tracked down Maddie’s family after just 24 hours, even though they had been separated 3 years ago.

In the end, Maddie was re-united with her loved ones. “They never replaced Maddie, so she will be loved and spoiled for the rest of her days with her family,” the Forgotten Pet Advocates explained.

“There were lots of tears flowing at the reunion. Happy tears. Maddie, we only had you for a short while, but you touched our hearts.”

“We don’t know what you have been through the past few years, but we do know your future.”

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