24 Years After This College Student Went Missing Someone Has Finally Been Arrested

Just a few days ago, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office announced that Paul, now 44, has been arrested and charged with Kristin’s murder. Ruben Flores, his 80-year-old father, has also been arrested and charged with accessory to murder.

“It is alleged he (Paul) caused Kristin’s death while in the commission of or attempt to commit rape,” the district attorney explained in a press release.

“Ruben Flores, 80, is charged with accessory after the fact to the crime of murder.  The allegation is that Ruben helped conceal Kristin’s body after she was murdered.”

Although the sheriff’s office has disclosed they have evidence supporting Paul being the one who took Kristin’s life, her remains have yet to be recovered and they have not revealed what evidence they exactly have pointing to Paul.

Following the announcement of Paul and Ruben’s arrests, Kristin’s family made a statement on Facebook.

Facebook; pictured above is a billboard trying to raise awareness for Kristin

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