Celebrate World Book Day With These 5 Wonderful Reads You Can Order On Amazon (P.S. They’re On Sale)

If You Love An Intriguing Love Story

City of Girls is an intriguing love story by Elizabeth Gilbert, the same woman who wrote Eat Pray Love.

This novel focuses on 19-year-old Vivian Morris, a young woman who moves to Manhattan to live with her Aunt after she gets kicked out of college.

It’s told from Vivian’s perspective in her later years, and it’s a lively look at love and being true to yourself.

You can get it here on Amazon on sale right now for $11.56

If You Love A Good Cookbook

A cookbook plus Trader Joe’s? It doesn’t get better than that! The Cooking Through Trader Joe’s Cookbook by Kelsey Lynch explores recipes made from all of the exciting products Trader Joe’s has to offer.

If you think Kelsey’s name sounds familiar, you might have seen her on TikTok or Instagram. She frequently shares reviews of Trader Joe’s products, and that’s how she ended up writing this cookbook.

You can get it here on Amazon on sale right now for $21.50

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