21 Disney Princess Bikinis And Swimsuits That Are Sure To Make A Splash This Summer

With spring finally shining forth, it’s time to look ahead to summer and pick out a swimsuit that makes you feel as good on the outside as you do on the inside.

Dance, sing, and twirl your way to summer fun in the sun with one of these 21 Disney Princess bikinis and swimsuits!

They are so cute and Disney fantastic that we wouldn’t be surprised if you spontaneously burst into song when you wear one.

Just to get you in the mood, here is a video of some ladies doing just that:

Ariel Bikini

You don’t even have to trade in your voice to get this look. The seashell top and mermaid bottom make a vibrant pair.

Enchanted Bikinis – Tops: $85 / Bottoms: $55

Snow White Bikini

Rock that “haven’t seen the sun in six months” fair skin bod with this Snow White bikini set. But maybe still wear some sunscreen so you don’t become Snow Pink?

Enchanted Bikinis – Tops: $85 / Bottoms: $55

Belle Bikini Set

This Beauty and the Beast bikini set has a soft romantic look about it.

It is effortless with its off-the-shoulder look and cinched stitching.

Enchanted Bikinis – Tops: $75 / Bottoms: $45

Rapunzel Bikini

We can understand if you go with the short-hair Rapunzel look, long hair and swimming can get rough.

Enchanted Bikinis – Tops: $85 / Bottoms: $55

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