21 Disney Princess Bikinis And Swimsuits That Are Sure To Make A Splash This Summer

Jasmine Bikini

If you have long luscious dark locks like Jasmine, this bikini set makes a gorgeous contrasting outfit. That color between a soft blue and green has ocean written all over it.

Enchanted Bikinis – Tops: $85 / Bottoms: $55

Pocahontas Bikini

This bikini is unmistakably Pocahontas with one shoulder strap and soft nude colored frills.

Enchanted Bikinis – Tops: $75 / Bottoms: $45

Snow White Recycled High-Waisted Bikini

Where are our eco-friendly princesses? This high-waisted Snow White bikini from MaidenMotherCroneCA on Etsy is made of recycled polyester.

This high-waisted style is a subtle way to show off your favorite Disney princess!

MaidenMotherCroneCA/Etsy – $58.22

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