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In Light Of What’s Happening On Public Transportation In NYC, This Young Woman Raised Over $100K To Pay For Cabs For Asian Americans

“I was terrified someone was going to walk up and start attacking me, harassing me, push me to the tracks, or slash me with a knife.”

“Last weekend someone set a 29 yr old Asian woman’s backpack on fire in the train around Ktown. I’m done taking the goddamn train while these hate crimes are going on and EVERYONE F****** TURNING A BLIND EYE. And so should you.”

Maddy went on to say that she’s been living in New York City for 10 years, and she was a student through most of that.

She knows what it’s like to walk home or take the subway because you can’t afford to pay for a car.

“I’m putting down $2000 and reimbursing you until I run out of funds/donations, and I’m doing this IN GOOD FAITH that you actually need it.”

“Don’t tough it out girl. I know being Asian means you’re not used to asking for help. But right now It’s not worth it. Take a cab, for me. So we see 1 less headline,” Maddy said.

What Maddy so generously did inspired other people to donate to her cause, and she currently has raised $102,093 in just 2 days!

You can follow Cafe Maddy Cab here to see how you can donate and help!

Instagram; pictured above is an Instagram story Maddy shared on the account she made to pay for rides

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