Read The Apology Justin Timberlake Issued To Janet Jackson 17 Years After The Infamous Super Bowl Wardrobe Malfunction

Janet became the most Google person that year and the next, and everyone was speculating about what had exactly happened on that stage.

As rumors and questions swirled, Janet issued an apology video.

She took complete responsibility for what had gone down at the halftime performance and said it was absolutely an accident.

“My decision to change the Super Bowl performance was made after the final rehearsal,” Janet explained in an apology video.

“MTV, CBS, the NFL had no knowledge of this whatsoever and unfortunately, the whole thing went wrong in the end. I am really sorry if I offended anyone, that was truly not my intention.”

Unfortunately, the incident that had lasted less than a second had a terrible impact on Janet’s career, with many people blaming her.

Meanwhile, Justin and his career seemed to remain largely unaffected by what happened. He was even invited back to perform at the 2018 Super Bowl.

LOS ANGELES – DECEMBER 1989: Musician Janet Jackson poses for a portrait session in Los Angeles, California on December 01, 1989. (Photo by Michael Grecco)
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