She Was Sitting In Her Dad’s Car Going Through The Drive-Thru When She Was Shot And Killed By A Teen

On April 18th, Jasyln was with her dad Jontae in his Infinity, when a silver-colored Audi pulled in behind them at the drive-thru.

Suddenly, two men got out of the Audi and started shooting at the back of Jontae’s car. The men got back in their car, before getting out again and fitting more shots.

Chicago Police have said that the shooters fired close to 50 times at Jasyln and Jontae, for reasons unknown.

GoFundMe; pictured above is another photo of Jaslyn

Jaslyn was shot several times, and Jontae was struck too. When one of the responding officers got to the drive-thru, he rushed to get Jaslyn in the back of his police car so he could immediately take her to the hospital.

Sadly, Jaslyn passed away after arriving at the hospital, and her dad Jontae was treated for his serious gunshot wounds then released.

Several days later, 18-year-old Marion Lewis was arrested for murdering Jaslyn. He was charged with 1st-degree murder and 16 additional felony charges.

Police caught up with Marion after he tried to steal a car from one of his family members. He was shot by a police officer during his attempted carjacking, but he will survive his injuries.

GoFundMe; pictured above Jaslyn smiles

The Chicago Police aren’t really releasing a lot of details, as the investigation into Jaslyn’s murder is still ongoing and they are looking for more suspects involved.

“My seven-year-old daughter ‘Pinky’ was an absolute blessing,” Jaslyn’s mom Lanesha said on a GoFundMe page.

“I will forever love her and continue the legacy she has left behind. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for everything!”

Jaslyn’s murder has understandably left the Chicago community shocked and angry. “I feel like a broken record, standing up here talking about how my heart aches,” Dr. Janice Jackson, the CEO of Chicago Public Schools, said at a press release.

“This situation was particularly heartbreaking for me, because when I heard that she was going to McDonald’s with her father, I just thought about what that felt like to me as a kid.”

“It was always a big deal to go to McDonald’s and to get to do it with my dad, so I can only imagine the heartbreak.”

“I am heartbroken and angered that a 7-year-old child was killed this afternoon on Chicago’s West Side,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said about Jaslyn’s murder.

“This unthinkable act of violence has no place here. The epidemic of gun violence cutting our children’s lives short cannot go on.”

Twitter; pictured above is a statement from Chicago’s mayor regarding Jaslyn’s murder

“Good morning, Chicago. There are children and staff at Cameron Elementary suffering from the devastating loss of a 7-year-old classmate today,” the Chicago Teacher’s Union tweeted.

“It’s pain that runs incredibly deep throughout the entire school community. Think of them, and pray for them.”

Twitter; pictured above is a statement from the Chicago Teacher’s Union regarding Jaslyn’s murder

You can donate to the GoFundMe page for Jaslyn and her family here. Marion is currently being held without bond.

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