Step Into Spring With These 6 Pairs Of Pretty Sandals

It seems like winter just lasted a lifetime, but that’s old news now because spring is finally here. To celebrate the season, check out these 6 pairs of pretty sandals you can treat yourself to on Amazon.

From eye-catching to metallic and comfortable to bold, each pair will set you back $39 or less.

Get ready to say hello to your fancy and fabulous feet!

Super Strappy

This has to be the strappiest pair of sandals I’ve ever seen. Accented with pearls and white flowers, another thing to love about these sandals from Shoe’N Tale is that they come with a 6-month guarantee that you’ll love them.

You can get them here on Amazon for $29.99

Comfy & Metallic

Alright, these sandals from Catherine Malandrino buckle at the ankle and have you covered where comfort is concerned.

They come in rose gold metallic (pictured above), blush, tan, or black.

You can get them here on Amazon for $24.99

Bling, Bling

How about a little bit of bling for your toes? This t-strap pair of sandals from Hinyyrin features some eye-catching rhinestones.

They also come with extra rhinestones in case you end up losing one!

You can get them here on Amazon for $38.99

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