The Net Worth Of Britney Spears, Plus Why The Internet Is Now Trying To Free Her

Britney Spears isn’t just a pop icon; she’s THE icon. She was pretty much the queen of the 2000s… until she hit 2007.

That year, Britney went through a highly-publicized breakdown, and I’m sure you remember the photos of her partially shaved head that hit covers of newspapers everywhere.

Right after that, Britney bounced in and out of rehab, lost custody of her sons, and faced accusations from her bodyguard of abusing her children.

In 2008, a court placed Britney in a conservatorship, leaving her father Jamie Spears and a few lawyers in charge of her finances.

As part of all this, Britney’s finances have been disclosed, which means we know exactly what her net worth is.

Instagram; Britney is pictured above

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