The Net Worth Of Britney Spears, Plus Why The Internet Is Now Trying To Free Her

Rumors have swirled online recently that Britney is worth around $250 million dollars or more, but documents filed in court state that Britney is worth $59 million dollars as of last year.

Most of what Britney has is invested in various things, including businesses and real estate.

Her pile of best-selling albums helped contribute to her net worth, in addition to her 10 different tours.

According to Touring Data, Britney raked in approximately $54.6 million dollars for her 2018 Piece of Me tour.

Instagram; Britney wears a red dress in the photo above

Another eye-opening figure?

She earned more than $100 million dollars from her first residency in Las Vegas and by the time she started up her second one, she was pulling in $500,000 for every show she performed in.

Britney has also done many endorsements and licensing deals, been in movies, appeared on TV, released fragrances, and launched clothing lines.

She also currently has a website where she sells different things like t-shirts, hats, and champagne flutes.

So why is the internet now trying to free her?

Instagram; Britney is pictured above with her boyfriend

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