11-Year-Old Girl Passes Away Trying To Save Her Puppies From A House Fire

11-year-old Rilee Beisler lived in Sarasota, Florida, along with her mom Megan and their dog and puppies, whom Rilee adored.

This Wednesday, at around 5:45 in the evening, 911 calls starting coming in about two separate houses on fire located in the 1100 block of Iowa Street.

One of the houses that had caught fire belonged to Rilee and her mom Megan. Although Rilee had exited their house, she went back in.

Rilee desperately wanted to save her puppies and dog, so she went back into the burning house to try to save them.

Facebook; pictured above is Rilee with her mom

Although people on the scene tried to stop her, Rilee went in anyway. She loved her dogs so much that she put her life on the line to try to save them.

Sadly, Rilee never came back out of the house. She passed away in the fire, along with her puppies and dog.

“My person, my best friend, my sister Megan lost her 11-year-old daughter last night, my sweet niece Rilee Michelle,” Rilee’s aunt Laura wrote.

“There was a house fire and before anyone could stop her, Rilee ran into the house to save their two puppies.”

“Neither Rilee or the dogs made it out of the house. I’m by Megan’s side now and she is beyond frazzled and devastated.”

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