5-Year-Old Nearly Drowned Because Of This Popular Toy And Now Her Dad Is Sharing A Warning Every Parent Needs To Read

Adam Lisberg is a dad of two who recently took to Twitter to share a harrowing story about what happened to his 5-year-old daughter, Annabelle.

Adam bought a popular toy for Annabelle and her 7-and-a-half-year-old sister Ruby, but this dad never expected things to go so wrong.

Now, he’s sharing a warning every parent needs to read after Annabelle nearly drowned.

Here’s what Adam had to say.

Twitter; pictured above is Anabelle in the hospital after her near-death experience

In a series of tweets, Adam explained, “This is a scary story starring my daughter Annabelle.”

“I’m telling it as a warning about kids, pools, and swimsuits because I don’t want anyone else’s kids to end up in the ER or the ICU like she did for two days.”

“She’s 5. She and her big sister Ruby, who’s 7-1/2, love mermaids. So when we got an inflatable pool for the driveway for our isolated summer, we also ordered mermaid outfits.”

“Aren’t they cute? Two-piece swimsuits with matching tails.”

Twitter; pictured above are Ruby and Annabelle with their new mermaid outfits

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