9 Tech Picks That Make Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

VAVA Dash Cam

This dash cam from VAVA captures everything mom does on the road, or off it. Even when mom’s car is parked, this tiny camera will monitor it and work as a surveillance system.

It’s simple to set up and comes with something called Smart Witness, so if your mom gets in an accident the camera will lock in video footage that could come in handy for her insurance company later.

Originally this costs $149.99, but it’s on sale right now for $134.99.

You can get it here on Amazon on sale right now for $134.99

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Luxe

This flash drive from SanDisk will make it super seamless for your mom to move any files from her iPhone or iPad to her computer or vice versa.

It comes with a design feature that makes it possible to be kept on a keyring so she can bring any files she needs with her on the go.

128GB costs $52.99, but it also comes in 64GB for $39.99 or 256GB for $89.99. It also is compatible with USB Type-C Android devices.

You can get it here on Amazon for $52.99

Scosche MagicMount Crystal

The next pick on our list is a limited-edition magnetic phone holder from Scosche that features real Swarovski crystals.

Your mom can attach this to her windshield or dashboard to keep her phone in place, and it comes with a swivel head so she can position her phone from close to any angle she wants to.

You can get it here on Amazon for $34.99

Smartish Prop Tart

A pop tart or a prop tart? A prop tart makes a better present! This handy thing acts as a grip as well as a kickstand for mom’s phone.

You can get it here on Amazon for $9.99

HÄNS Screen Cleaner

Help mom keep all her screens clean with this small but mighty hand-held cleaner. One side cleans screens, while the other polishes them to a shine.

You can get it here on Amazon for $14.95

HIP Product Factory LIFT

This itty-bitty gadget connects mom’s iPhone to her computer without scratching any screens, so she can multi-task.

For example, she can be on a video call on her phone while also doing things on her computer and not have to look away since they’re both in the same place.

If your mom isn’t big on blue, this also comes in white, black, or green.

You can get it here on their website for $10.99

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