Check Out These Cute Cheetah Cubs That Were Born In A Missouri Zoo

What’s better than one cute Cheetah cub? Three! These tiny triplets (one girl and two boys) were born to the Dickerson Park Zoo in Missouri at the beginning of October.

Their mom, a 5-year-old Cheetah named Babs, gave birth to these three via C-section, as she wasn’t looking like she would not be able to deliver them all on her own.

The zoo said in a statement that they bred Babs, “based on breeding recommendations by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums Species Survival Plan.”

The SSP works to keep strong gene pools going for endangered animals, and Cheetahs are unfortunately considered endangered.

Facebook; pictured above are the three Cheetah cubs

In a post announcing the birth of the three cubs, the zoo explained, “Babs’ pregnancy was closely monitored; however, she was very late term and showing no signs of going into labor.”

“For her safety, and the safety of the cubs, the decision was made to perform a C-section.”

Facebook; pictured are the cubs at birth

“The cubs—two boys and a girl—are thriving and being cared for by zoo staff, which includes around-the-clock bottle feedings every three hours.”

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