Human Rights Lawyer Describes How Difficult It Is For One Of Her Clients To Understand Current Technology After Spending 30 Years Behind Bars

Washington, DC. Maria Burnett is a human rights lawyer currently working with the Center For Strategic & International Studies, which is headquartered in Washington, DC.

She took to Twitter to share an eye-opening thread about a client she has that has spent the past 30 years behind bars.

Now that this man has been released, he is really finding it difficult to understand current technology, and understandably so.

Just stop and think for a minute how much technology has changed in the past 3 decades. Heck, tech changes so much in a few months, or in a year even.

“My client got out of 30 years of prison about 6 weeks ago,” Maria explained in her first tweet. “Since then, people have been telling him that forms he needs are on the web or that they would email something to him.”

“A few days ago, he shyly admitted to me that he doesn’t understand what any of that means.”

Twitter; pictured above is Maria’s first tweet about this 

“I got him a laptop & we spent a day this weekend going over everything, the diff btween cell service & wifi, between texts & email, where to find which thing on a phone vs on a laptop,” Maria continued.

“He got comfortable asking “What is the WIFI password here?” & entered it in the right spot.”

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