Khloé And Kim Kardashian Finally Found Out Who’s Behind A Parody Account Created For North West

On this week’s episode of KUWTK, Khloé and Kim Kardashian finally found out who’s behind a hilarious parody accounted created for North West.

Khloé and Kim speculated that the parody account, called Nori’s Black Book on Instagram, had to be run by one of their friends or family members.

They figured there was no other way someone could be so spot-on about what North would say!

It turns out, the account isn’t run by anyone related to them at all…it’s run by a young woman named Natalie, who’s a big Kardashian fan.

Natalie created Nori’s Black Book 7 years ago, and she’s remained anonymous ever since…that was until Khloé and Kim knew they had to get to the bottom of everything.

Natalie explained to Khloé and Kim that after the Babies R Us Kardashian line dropped, she was talking about it with one of her friends, and that’s how the whole thing was born.

“So I kind of just started on Instagram and then I built her personality off Kim’s…how direct she is with all of you,” Natalie told Khloé and Kim after getting to sit down with them in person.

“It’s kind of like…okay if you think Kanye has an ego and you think Kim’s a little direct…like meet North West, she’s 1,000 times.”

Here are some of the best posts Natalie has made over at Nori’s Black Book.

Instagram; pictured above Natalie meets Khloé and Kim

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