Mom Desperately Wanted Another Child, So She Committed The Ultimate Betrayal To Baby Trap Her Husband And Now He’s Online Begging For Advice While Stuck At Home With Her

A mom desperately wanted another child, so she committed the ultimate betrayal to “baby trap” her husband, and now he’s online begging for advice while stuck at home with her.

He’s 34-years-old, his wife is 32, and they have been together for 8 years. They have a 5-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old son together.

“…I’m not sure what she did is the actual definition of baby trap, she didn’t have a kid to make me stay, just against my will,” this husband started out his post by saying.

“I love both of them more than anything and I finally feel like I have everything. A beautiful wife, two healthy kids, a great career, and a big house. The token “American Dream”, minus the dog, I’m allergic.”

“When we talked about kids before, my wife always said she wanted two. I only wanted one, it would be easier and we’d have more money for vacations and stuff, but my wife maintained it’s important for a child to have a sibling.”

He wasn’t a fan of the sleepless nights and fussiness that came along with both of their children, and he never wanted any more kids after that. When their son was around 1, his wife started talking about having a third child.

He insisted they should not have another child since they had agreed to stop after 2, but his wife said she would like 4, so 3 is where they should stop. His wife told him he was selfish for stealing her dream of a large family.

He went on to share that a few days after this fight they slept together and used BC. He admits he should have thought something wasn’t quite right, but he was overwhelmed with working from home, dealing with the children, and keeping on top of household chores.

This is where it all gets so twisted.

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