My Favorite Body-Positive Instagrammer Has A Few Wise Words For You About Bad Sides And Bikinis

Sarah Nicole Landry is one of the best body-positive women you can find on social media, and she never fails to serve up some spot-on advice for loving the skin you’re in.

Sarah shared two different posts in particular with some wise words about bad sides and bikinis that everyone needs to read, especially as we get closer to swim season.

In one of my favorite posts, Sarah said, “Let us lead our lives knowing we aren’t here to ornament the sides of pools and beaches.”

Instagram; pictured above is Sarah

“We aren’t meant to statue ourselves in one place for fear of a “bad side”. We’re here to live. We’re here to exist. To be. To enjoy.”

“When we do that, it’s all “good” sides. ⁣⁣Pic 1: me posing, Pic 2: me playing with my son. ⁣⁣Guess which one I’ll remember more?”⁣⁣

“That’s kinda what I mean. The memory bit. That’s the “good” side, the living side. That’s the one we ought to aim for.”

Here’s another bikini-themed post she shared that’s pretty powerful too, next.

Instagram; pictured above is the photo Sarah shared about bad sides

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