Nearly 3 Years After She Went Missing, Her Body Was Found Cemented Inside A Boat At The Bottom Of A Lake

46-year-old Holly Marie Simmons lived in Buchanan Dam in Llano County, Texas. She had four children and lived there with her two youngest children; her daughters.

Holly loved penguins, seafood, and the TV show The Young and the Restless. Her favorite colors were black and blue. She worked as a certified nursing technician and she was born on Christmas.

On November 28th, 2006, Holly took her 17-year-old daughter to the bus stop in the morning and her youngest daughter got picked up by a friend to go to school.

When Holly’s older daughter got off the bus after school that day, Holly was not there to greet her like she normally was.

Holly’s daughter ended up walking home and was surprised to see that Holly’s car sitting there in the driveway, but she wasn’t inside.

Holly’s black-colored purse and her cellphone were right there on the table in the kitchen, and those weren’t things she would have left home without.

Holly’s daughter was going to be late for work, so she hurried off, hoping her mom would be there after she came back.

When Holly’s daughter arrived home after work, Holly still was not there, and none of her belongings had been moved.

At this point, Holly’s daughter really was convinced that her mom had to be hanging out with some of her friends because there was no other explanation for why she wasn’t at home.

Holly’s daughter decided to call her boyfriend and went over to his house. Later that evening, she again returned home, but Holly still was nowhere to be found.

Facebook; pictured above is Holly in her senior year of high school

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