She Disappeared Last Year And Was Just Found Living In A Tent, Surviving On Moss

A 47-year-old woman whose name has not yet been publicly released disappeared last year, and she was just found living in a tent in Spanish Fork Canyon, Utah.

Spanish Fork Canyon is a picturesque part of Utah that boasts a golf course, routes for rock climbing, and spots for camping.

Last November, this 47-year-old vanished. Her car had been found in the canyon with camping equipment inside of it, and it appeared to be abandoned.

Detectives tried to reach out to her family without success, and they kept trying to find this woman too.

A search and rescue team from the Utah County Sheriff’s Office combed the canyon looking for her, with no luck.

That all changed a few days ago…

Utah County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is the tent this woman had been living in for months

On May 2nd, one of the sergeants from the Utah County Sheriff’s Office (who also is the Search and Rescue Coordinator) went back to the Diamond Fork part of the Spanish Fork Canyon to try to look for this missing woman again.

An aerial search team helped cover the area, and then one of the drones ended up crashing.

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