She Was Found Dead At The Bottom Of A Cliff And Her Ex Was Caught On Camera Carrying Her Lifeless Body

27-year-old Jerilyn Bessie Nicholson lived in Eagle River, a suburb located in Anchorage, Alaska.

Everyone called Jerilyn “Ani”. Her loved ones described her as a bright light and beautiful young woman that many people couldn’t help but enjoy being around.

On April 30th, Jerilyn was reported as missing by her father after her family couldn’t get a hold of her for several days.

The last time Jerilyn’s family saw her, she was at a relative’s house. Her ex-boyfriend Eddie Thomas Jr. picked her up, and nobody had seen her since then.

Jerilyn last texted one of her loved ones at 12:28 p.m. on April 25th, according to the Anchorage Police Department.

Facebook; pictured above is Jerilyn

The hunt was on to find Jerilyn and police officers first asked her ex Eddie where she had gone.

Eddie claimed that he had driven Jerilyn back to his house on the day she went missing, but he said that she left his house not long after she had arrived.

Eddie went on to say that Jerilyn wanted alcohol, but he didn’t want to give her any, and that’s why she ended up leaving.

The day after Jerilyn disappeared, someone came across the body of a young woman lying at the bottom of a cliff near Eklutna Lake Road in Anchorage.

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