Single Mom Goes Up In Flames After Applying Hand Sanitizer: Now She’s Suffering From Severe Burns To Her Face And Body

Kate lives in Austin, Texas along with her three young daughters. One weekend, she was getting ready to watch a movie in bed with her girls.

She tucked all the girls in and went to put on some hand sanitizer.

GoFundMe; pictured above are two of Kate’s girls

Kate then lit some incense in her home, and the flame from that quickly spread up her arms, catching across the hand sanitizer she had just used.

As Kate was startled by this, she ended up slamming into a bottle of alcohol she had sitting nearby. Unfortunately, the alcohol and the flames set off an explosion, only fueling the ongoing fire.

GoFundMe; pictured above is some of the burns on Kate’s leg

Two of Kate’s girls took off running for their neighbor’s house to get help and have them dial 911.

Flames licked around her, but still, Kate rushed to get her dog and disabled daughter out of the house.

She held both of them in her arms as she exited her home.

Sadly, Kate suffered third and second-degree burns all over her body, including her face. 

GoFundMe; pictured above is Kate after the fire

A GoFundMe page started by her friend says, “Kate is in ICU in Austin, Texas. She’s lost her home, her kids are traumatized and she needs major reconstructive surgery.”

“A single mom, she’s lost most of her furniture to smoke damage and other possessions to the fire.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is another photo of the burns Kate got

She has had several surgeries so far and also will require more in the near future.

GoFundMe; pictured above is some of the damage to Kate’s home

Money from the GoFundMe page will help cover those costs for Kate, along with helping her pay for what was destroyed in her house fire.

GoFundMe; pictured above is more damage

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