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They Were Filming The News When They Stepped In To Rescue A Stolen Dog

Juliana Mazza, who works as a reporter for 7NEWS, and her coworker John Guice, a photojournalist, got wind of the story about Titus being stolen.

So, the duo headed down to Cambridge to the exact spot where Titus had been taken from to report the scoop.

While Juliana and John were filming, they realized a man was headed in their direction, and he was waking a dog.

They decided to flag him down to see if he could answer a few questions for their news segment, but they had no idea this would turn out to be the story of their lives.

Cambridge Police; pictured above is Titus, the German Shorthair Pointer that was stolen from a car

The man they stopped to chat with was walking a dog that looked identical to Titus, and as Juliana begins speaking with him, there’s no doubt in her mind this is Titus and the dognapper.

The man who stole Titus then says to Juliana that he saw the dog barking inside the car, so he took him out because he thought it looked like a dog he was supposed to be dog walking.

He tried to play it off as a mistake, but nobody quite believed what he had to say.

That story didn’t make sense to Juliana, so she called the police on camera to explain she was with Titus, and the man was taken into custody.

Thankfully, Titus was reunited with his owner.

You can watch the footage of Juliana and John intervening with the dognapper and saving Titus here.

Twitter; pictured above is a screenshot of Juliana first realizing she was standing in front of the stolen dog Titus

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