This Influencer Was Arrested After Being Accused Of Wire Fraud And Stealing Someone’s Identity

Danielle Miller is an influencer living in Miami, Florida. Danielle goes by killadmilla on Instagram, and she has over 34,000 followers.

Danielle’s Instagram is full of photos of her living one lavish life packed with luxury cars, a 92-foot long yacht, beautiful outfits, and visits to fancy hotels.

Danielle boasted on her social media profile about being a self-made boss and not having any man funding her lifestyle.

Well, according to the US Attorney’s office for the District of Massachusetts, this isn’t exactly true.

Danielle isn’t self-made or self-paid…

…She’s being accused of wire fraud and stealing someone’s identity in order to live the life of her dreams.

Instagram; pictured above is influencer Danielle Miller, who goes by killadmilla

Authorities are saying that Danielle got her hands on over $102,000 of U.S. Small Business Administration loans, which obviously were intended for actual businesses.

Danielle allegedly used someone’s identity in Massachusetts to apply for the loans, open up a bank account, and create a fake ID.

“…Miller allegedly used the bank account in the victim’s name to book a private flight from Florida to California, using a counterfeit Massachusetts driver’s license in the victim’s name but bearing Miller’s photograph, and conducted ATM transactions using the bank account in the victim’s name,” the US Attorney’s office for the District of Massachusetts said in a press release.

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