This Person Found A Dog 7 Months Ago And They Are Refusing To Give It Back To The Owner Who Lost Everything In A House Fire

A person says they found a dog 7 months ago and they are now refusing to give the dog back to their rightful owner who lost everything in a house fire.

They asked the internet for help with this situation, but nobody is siding with them on this one.

“About 7 months ago a friend found a dog near her house. I took her in and called animal control,” they start out by explaining.

“They said to bring her in to look for a microchip. She was underweight with dirty fur.”

“AC couldn’t find a microchip so they said I could hold onto her for a week and they would list her on their website and if nobody claimed her I could adopt her.”

“So that’s exactly what happened.”

“My dog now has shiny fur and is very healthy. She is polite and walks well on a leash. She does lots of tricks.”

“I have depression and anxiety and she’s my support animal. She’s honestly the light of my life.”

This person then joined a Facebook group for owners of this very unusual and purebred dog and shared a picture of the dog they found.

Well, someone tagged a woman in the photo, who reached out to the person who has the dog, saying it’s her dog.

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