This Teen Disappeared A Month Ago As She Was Walking To Her Bus Stop: Where Is Aaliyah Ramirez?

“Tomorrow, May 18th, marks three weeks since anyone has seen or heard from 14yo Aaliyah Ramirez,” Hailey Toy, Aaliyah’s dance teacher, wrote on Facebook.

Instagram; pictured above Aaliyah is seen leaving her dad’s house to walk to the bus stop

“She was walking to her bus stop in Syracuse, IN and disappeared before getting to her bus. I DO know her personally-Aaliyah has been my dance student for the past five years and is such a joy to work with!”

“Please continue sharing her picture, getting news organizations involved, and praying for her. We have not given up hope in finding Aaliyah and just want our sweet girl back home!”

Facebook; pictured above is a screenshot of Hailey’s post on Facebook

“It’s been 19 days since Aaliyah went missing. We won’t stop looking! She is loved by so many people no matter what the family dynamics were,” Michelle Revennaugh, who also knew Aaliyah from dance, said in a Facebook post.

“We were her family and we want her home safe and making silly tiktoks again, having beach days, riding rollercoasters, going to Starbucks for the 5th time in one day, and giggling in the backseat of the van for no reason until she peed her pants! Please keep sharing we HAVE to find her!!”

Facebook; pictured above is a screenshot of Michelle’s post on Facebook

If you have any information regarding Aaliyah Ramirez, please call the Syracuse Police Department at 574-267-5667.

Friends of Aaliyah have created an Instagram page you can visit here to share flyers and information on her.

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