13-Year-Old Tragically Dies After Eating Dessert At A Cheer Banquet

Reese’s family said that when she was young, she was diagnosed with a pretty severe food allergy.

After her diagnosis, Reese learned to be very careful about the ingredients in what she ate.

“She was great about knowing what foods she couldn’t have and where those ingredients would likely be hiding,” her family explained on a website created in her memory.

On May 16th, Reese was attending a cheer banquet. She won the award for Social Butterfly and was having a great time.

Reese ate a dessert at the banquet, and she had no idea the sweet contained walnuts. Reese had a severe allergic reaction to the dessert that she ate, and she was admitted to the ICU.

Facebook; pictured above is Reese in her cheerleading uniform

Sadly, Reese passed away 4 days later. Reese’s family created a foundation called ReeseStrong in her memory to raise awareness about food allergies.

Reese’s loved ones are also hoping to raise money to provide EpiPens to those in need since they are quite costly for people to purchase and they expire after only 1 year.

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