19-Year-Old Says She Wants Nothing To Do With Her Dad’s Secret Family But Now She’s Asking The Internet If She Should Reconsider

“This went okay for a decent amount of time, he would go on ‘work trips’ and all but I never asked questions and he never shared and I was honestly fine being in the dark about it,” she said.

“I never approved, and he knew this, but I let him live his life so long as I was never brought into it.”

Well, that all changed this week when her dad revealed he invited his mistress and her child to come out and visit, and that he expects her to be polite to them.

The thing is, she still lives at home with her dad, and she already laid it out for him that she doesn’t want to be involved with these people.

She pushed back, saying she will be spending time at her friend’s place while her dad’s other family is visiting.

“That woman caused a lot of trauma during my childhood and aided in my parent’s divorce and I don’t condone women who knowingly are the other woman,” she continued.

“I never want to see her and I made that clear. I said he can live his life as he wants but I will not be dragged into that.”

Her dad was absolutely furious with her for not wanting to play along, and told her to “lose his number.”

She’s concerned that she did the wrong thing by refusing to be one big happy family with her dad’s mistress and her child.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Did he actually say lose his number? Wow, he is so callous and selfish to easily discard his family at will. Cheats then discards…”


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