19-Year-Old Sells Her Chanel Bag Online, Slams Poshmark After Someone Stole The Bag Worth Over $1,000

Los Angeles, California. This is the stuff seller nightmares are made of. A 19-year-old named Olivia Broberg sold her real, genuine, 100% actually Chanel bag online.

In the video that she posted to TikTok, she explained she sold her bag in the first place because she needed some extra money given everything going on in the world.

Can’t blame her for that one!

Olivia decided to sell her bag on Poshmark, which I think you have heard of but if you haven’t, it’s basically an e-commerce platform where you can buy or sell fashion items and accessories.

It’s supposed to have a pretty good reputation, so it’s easy to see why Olivia picked that as the way to sell her bag.

Sure enough, she had a buyer who purchased her Chanel bag through Poshmark.

Olivia shipped the bag from her place in Los Angeles to the new owner, thinking that was that and she made a nice $1,150.

Well, Olivia was wrong, and what happened next can only be described as Chanel hell.

TikTok; Olivia explains her insane situation in her TikTok video

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