23-Year-Old Disappears In Dallas After Visiting Her Ex And Now 3 People Are Being Charged With Her Murder

It was October 2nd of last year when 23-year-old Marisela Botello Valadez hopped on a plane and headed to Dallas, Texas, to visit her ex-boyfriend.

Marisela’s family didn’t have a reason to be concerned…until she failed to get on the plane home to Seattle, Washington.

Marisela was reported as missing by her loved ones, and the Dallas Police Department began investigating where Marisela could be.

One of the first people the police spoke to was Marisela’s ex, as she was supposed to be staying with him at his house.

In fact, all of her belongings were still at his house except for her cellphone and debit card, but she was nowhere to be found.

Facebook; above is Marisela

Marisela’s ex told police that she had gotten into a Lyft late on the night of October 4th, and he had not seen her since then.

Detectives were able to catch a glimpse of Marisela on security cameras in Dallas in the early morning hours of October 5th, but that was the very last sighting of her.

Detectives took a look at Marisela’s bank records and she hadn’t had any type of activity since she vanished. She also hadn’t used any of her social media accounts, which wasn’t like her at all.

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