4 Health and Fitness Commands You Didn’t Know Alexa Had

“Alexa, open sleep sounds”

Need help sleeping? Alexa’s got you covered, if you say the simple phrase above – Alexa can provide soothing noises to help you drift off peacefully.

Rain sounds, fan sounds, babbling brooks, and white noise are some of the sounds she can play to help you relax and get some shuteye.

You can get the skill here for free.

“Alexa, let’s work out.”

Who knew that you literally had a personal trainer right in your home! Alexa can help guide you through workouts that fit your schedule.

She tells you the name of the move, the number of reps, and the length of time you should be doing it for.

If you don’t understand what she’s asking you to do – just ask her and she’ll explain it! You can pick from a series of workouts, and here are some below.

Five Minute Workout: Core and Cardio

You can get the skill here for free.

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