8-Year-Old Beaten Then Kept In A Bathroom For Days By Her Stepmother And Father And She Only Weighed 33 Pounds When She Died

The police noticed there was blood in the bathroom where Autumn had been in the tub, according to Brett and Sarah.

Reportedly, Autumn weighed a heartbreaking 33 pounds when she died. A healthy weight for an 8-year-old girl is, at minimum, approximately 45 pounds.

An autopsy report noted that Autumn’s death was due to homicide. She had bleeding in her brain, bruises on her body, and her head had puncture wounds.

As authorities began to investigate Autumn’s death, they spoke to her siblings, who revealed that Brett and Sarah would punish her severely.

She was forcibly restrained in a sleeping bag with a belt, and she had her hands tied right behind her back if she asked for something to eat.

Facebook; pictured above, Autumn smiles

Autumn’s mom, Kelsey Kruse, had no idea that this was going on and that Autumn was being treated like that.

Kelsey had tried for months to see her daughter, but Brett and Sarah kept her away since January of 2020.

Brett and Sarah blamed the pandemic as the reason for keeping Kelsey from Autumn, and Kelsey desperately tried to have welfare checks performed on her daughter.

In the end, Sarah admitted to what she and Brett had so cruelly done to Autumn. They locked her inside of the bathroom, where she ultimately died, and they beat her for days.

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