After Fracturing Her Back Playing Softball And Suffering From Strange Symptoms, This 16-Year-Old Was Diagnosed With Stage 4 Lymphoma Because Her Mom Kept Pushing For Answers

Charlotte, North Carolina. 16-year-old Peyton Wyatt fractured her back while playing softball last October.

She suffered terrible back pain, but then things escalated. Peyton lost 25 pounds in just 4 months.

She started having chills and hot flashes. She stopped eating. Doctors told Peyton’s mom Gretchen that she most likely had an eating disorder and anemia, but this mom and daughter were convinced that wasn’t right.

Something was seriously wrong, but it wasn’t what medical professionals were suggesting. As time went on, Peyton developed more symptoms.

Now, she was feeling like she had gotten hit by a truck. She was experiencing shortness of breath and she was sleeping for hours upon hours at a time.

Gretchen decided to take Peyton to a local ER, where Peyton had multiple tests done.

After getting a CT scan, X-rays, and having tests run to check her thyroid and see if she had diabetes or leukemia, the results came back.

Doctors told Gretchen Peyton was just anemic. Again, things were not adding up, so Gretchen took Peyton to their pediatrician.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Peyton with her mom Gretchen

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