After Her Stepdad Moved In He Started Acting Inappropriately Towards Her And Now She’s Begging The Internet For Help

She felt uncomfortable by this question, but she reassured her stepdad she was not into men with a big age gap.

“He asked me if I would ever consider dating someone his age.”

She told him no, and thought it was all just strange, but she let it go. A few days passed, and she ended up at home alone for a second time with her stepdad.

“Couple days after that, we were alone again, and he told me that I look like a sexier, younger version of my mom.”

That wasn’t the only creepy thing he did; he attempted to place his hands on her waist, and she ran outside.

She was able to stay out there until her mom got back.

After these 2 incidents, her stepdad has continued to make her feel upset. He stares her down and questions her about things that aren’t normal (like if she has slept with anyone before).

Her mom is so in love with her stepdad, that she cannot mention anything negative about him. Her mom just won’t acknowledge it.

Unfortunately, she’s stuck living there because she goes to college full-time and does not have experience working.

She also doesn’t have a credit card or anything you would need to go out and get an apartment of your own, and she doesn’t want to move out of the neighborhood because it’s so close to where she goes to school.

She’s convinced nobody will believe what she has to say about her stepdad and feels uneasy bringing it up anyway, yet she isn’t sure how much more of this behavior she can handle from him.

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