At First It Looked Like Her Friend Committed Suicide, But Now She’s Being Accused Of Poisoning Her With Eye Drops And Staging Her Death

But then the autopsy results on Jessy’s friend came back in January of 2019, and it told a very different story.

Dr. Linda Biedrzycki, the Waukesha County Medical Examiner, found out that the toxicology results on Jessy’s friend pointed to her being fatally poisoned with Tetrahydrozoline.

The medical examiner then reached out to Detective Kohl at the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department to share this chilling information.

“Detective Kohl noted Tetrahydrozoline is the main ingredient in eye drops,” a criminal complaint obtained by Chip Chick states.

“Dr. Biedrzycki advised that there should not be any Tetrahydrozoline in someone’s blood but that Victim A had 160ng per milliliter of Tetrahydrozoline in her blood.”

“Dr. Biedrzycki did advise that Tetrahydrozoline could be considered poisonous to the human body and it would be impossible to have that level of Tetrahydrozoline in the blood just by using it in the eyes.”

Ultimately, the death of Jessy’s friend was due to Tetrahydrozoline poisoning. Her death was now not a suicide, but a homicide.

After Dr. Biedrzycki explained all of this to Detective Kohl, an investigation into the death of Jessy’s friend was reopened.

The medical examiner thought that the pills found crushed up by Jessy’s friend on the day she died had to be entirely staged.

Detectives confronted Jessy with the new information on her friend being poisoned to death and explained that she had not been found with any eye drop bottles near her the day she passed away.

Initially, Jessy insisted that her friend kept eye drops all throughout her house.

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