Former Hostess Goes Viral For Revealing What It Was Like To Serve Certain Celebs And One Even Publicly Apologized

Julia Carolann currently works as a model and is represented by State Management, but she used to be a hostess at a “fancy restaurant” in New York City.

She formerly was a hostess at Nobu’s downtown location, and she met quite a few celebrities while on the job.

Well, she went viral for revealing what it was like to serve certain ones, and she held nothing back.

One celeb she rated even publicly apologized to her over what she had to say.

TikTok; Julia is pictured above in her first video

In Julia’s two videos that she posted to TikTok, she gave each celebrity a rating, and they could earn up to 10 points (the best) or 0 (the worst).

The first Celeb’s on Julia’s list? Bella and Gigi Hadid. “They were super polite and friendly to staff which unfortunately is rare for celebrities,” Julia commented on her encounter with the sisters.

Final rating: 10/10

TikTok; Julia rates Bella and Gigi, above

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