His Wife Pranked Him About Several Pregnancies So When She Finally Announced Being Pregnant For Real He Flipped Out On Her And Is Asking The Internet For Help

Some things just shouldn’t be made into pranks, let alone multiple pranks. A 30-year-old man says his 26-year-old wife has been pranking him about being pregnant, and they have been trying for 9 long months to finally have a baby.

When she finally announced a pregnancy for real, he thought she was pranking him again and he flipped out on her. Now, he’s asking the internet for help.

He started out by explaining what happened when his wife pranked him the first time. “The first was when I was at work and she sent a text telling me she was pregnant,” he said.

“I was so happy I came home and brought stuff with me to celebrate only to find her laughing in my face saying it was a prank.”

“Second time was when she told me she was pregnant and was recording my reaction during and after the prank.”

“Again laughing telling me it was a prank but this time she shared the video with her family.”

“I told her I didn’t appreciate how she laughs about a serious matter then having me believe it was true only to ruin my happiness. She stopped for 2 months.”

I honestly am failing to see how this is funny and why his wife thought it was a good idea to prank him once, let alone twice.

The other evening, he and his wife went to his parent’s house to have dinner. At some point during dinner, his wife told him that she “had a gift” for him.

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