His Wife’s Nephew Has Been Hoarding His Dirty Underwear And Now He’s Asking The Internet If It Was Wrong To Kick Him Out Of Their House

Not sure how you can just organically lose that amount of underwear, but ok. If I was his wife I definitely would think something is going on.

One day, he ended up in the guestroom where their nephew is staying. He needed to go through the closet in order to find the supplies that he was looking for.

It turns out, he didn’t find supplies, but he did shockingly find all of his missing underwear in a huge pile.

He went to his wife and wanted to know if she knew why his underwear was in his nephew’s room or how it ended up there, but she didn’t have any answers for him.

She was as confused as he was about this entire situation.

They both had a sit-down conversation with their nephew, and even though he asked their nephew if he knew where his underwear went, he denied knowing anything.

Their nephew is the worst at lying, so they could clearly tell he had stolen the underwear.

“It was an awkward conversation. He kept refusing it was him who took them then when he did confess he didn’t wanna say why,” this man continued.

“Honestly I just felt grossly violated. He was looking through my hamper and taking out my underwear for god knows how long, keeping them hidden in his room for I don’t know what reasons and it was an uncomfortable thought.”

He confided in his wife that he no longer felt comfortable with their nephew living with him. Their nephew was then sent back to live with his mom.

His wife ended up telling her other sister about the situation. This sister then took it upon herself to tell the entire family about their nephew hoarding dirty underwear, and now his wife’s family is quite upset….with his wife!

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