Hours After This Gas Station Girlfriend Allegedly Helped Cut Up Murdered Soldier Vanessa Guillén, She Was Posting Sexy Photos On Instagram

“The two witnesses observed SPC Robinson load the “tough box” into his vehicle and drive away.”

Aaron drove Vanessa’s body to a place close to the Leon River located in Belton, Texas. He took the box containing Vanessa out of his truck and left it there, in the woods.

That night, Aaron drove to the gas station where his girlfriend 22-year-old Cecily worked. They had been dating since February of 2020.

He told Cecily what he did to Vanessa and then took her to the spot where he had dumped the box with Vanessa’s body inside of it.

Aaron opened the box up and showed Cecily Vanessa lying there inside of it.

Facebook; Vanessa is pictured above in uniform

Cecily then helped Aaron cut Vanessa into pieces using a machete and ax. They cut off her head. They cut off her arms. They cut off her legs.

They tried to burn her remains, but after realizing they couldn’t completely cover up the terrible crime and what was left of Vanessa, they dumped her in three different spots.

Cecily and Aaron dug three holes, placed Vanessa’s remains inside of them, and covered her up with dirt.

They left, bought concrete, hairnets, and gloves, and returned to the spots where Vanessa was buried.

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