Mom Of 3 Killed By Her Husband On A Cruise Ship Murder Mystery Night After He Said She Wouldn’t Stop Laughing At Him

Santa Clara, Utah. Kristy Manzanares was a 39-year-old mom of three young daughters.

She lived with her family in Santa Clara and worked as a real estate agent. Kristy was married to Kenneth Manzanares.

“Her infectious, beautiful smile and sweet, compassionate soul will forever be remembered by all who knew Kristy,” her obituary reads.

“She made everyone who came in contact with her feel important, special and put a smile on their face.”

“Because of that, she was adored by all, and we are all blessed to have had Kristy in our lives.”

On July 24th, 2017, the family decided to go on vacation and take a cruise to Alaska. Kristy’s brother and her dad came too.

Kristy and Kenneth were high school sweethearts and picked the cruise to celebrate 18 years of marriage to one another.

What should have been an enjoyable time quickly turned brutal and deadly just a day into their trip.

Facebook; pictured above mom of three Kristy smiles

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