Mom Of 3 Killed By Her Husband On A Cruise Ship Murder Mystery Night After He Said She Wouldn’t Stop Laughing At Him

A murder mystery dinner theatre was going on to entertain passengers on the evening of July 25th, 2017.

So when an announcement came across the ship requesting the security and medical teams, people thought it was all part of the act.

It turns out, it wasn’t.

Just a few yards away from where the murder mystery dinner theatre was happening, Kristy was losing her life in one of the ship’s staterooms.

Around 8:50 that fateful night, Kenneth, Kristy, and their children were inside one of their rooms.

And then, Kenneth and Kristy got into a very heated argument. Kristy had become upset over Kenneth’s behavior that day.

Kristy was so furious, she had told Kenneth that he needed to leave the family vacation.

All of this happened right in front of the children.

Kristy then asked for a divorce, right after she insisted that Kenneth should get off the cruise ship when they arrived in Juneau and fly back home to Utah.

Facebook; Kristy and Kenneth smile in the photo above

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