Monster Mom: This Mom Beat Her 4-Year-Old Son To Death On His Birthday

Moms are supposed to love their children.

Moms are supposed to take care of their children and not let any harm come to them.

The Mom in this story is not worthy of the title Mom.

This Mom beat her 4-year-old to death on his birthday, and the details will absolutely infuriate you.

Simon Dannhauer –

This is Crystal Valdez. She lived in Chicago with her family.

She had a 4-year-old son Christopher, and several other children of various ages as well.

She earned herself 35 years in prison for what she did to 4-year-old Christopher.

Cook County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is Crystal Valdez in her mugshot

“You don’t deserve the title of mother,” her brother, Joseph Valdez, said to her later in court.

“You’re a monster.”

He shook with emotion as he confronted her with this statement.

Facebook; pictured above is 4-year-old Christopher

“She didn’t care about that boy at all,” the judge said about Crystal.

You won’t believe what this monster of a Mom did to her son.

Joseph and his wife, Katrine Valdez, were the ones that found Christopher.

Facebook; pictured above is Christopher with his mom Crystal

Joseph and Katrine received troubling details from a neighbor about what was happening to the child in Crystal’s home.

The neighbor was very upset about his safety.

They immediately went to go check on Christopher.

Facebook; pictured above Christopher wears a Santa hat

The worst part about all of this is that there were so many signs leading up to Christopher’s death that his mom was a monster.

Some of his family members realized he had a black eye when he showed up at a family baby shower party.

Crystal had tried to poorly cover up Christopher’s black eye up with makeup.

Daria Minaeva –

A neighbor witnessed Crystal slap Christopher right across his tiny little face.

That’s not even all of it though…

Christopher landed in the hospital the summer before he died.

He had a huge bump on his head and he was completely covered in bruises all over his little body.

catinsyrup –

His Mom just explained to a nurse they were mosquito bites.

Crystal had even been CONVICTED of misdemeanor domestic battery after the hospital visits following the fall, and told a police officer that she hit Christopher.

How was Crystal still allowed to have custody of Christopher after all of these terrible things she did to him?!

Facebook; pictured above is a close-up of Christopher

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services simply concluded the abuse against Christopher was “unfounded.”

Crystal didn’t go to jail for what she did leading up to his tragic death.

Crystal didn’t have Christopher removed from her care.

Crystal didn’t have her other children taken away from her.

lithiumphoto –

A month after she was convicted of domestic battery, she just killed Christopher.

On the day of Christopher’s 4th birthday, Joseph and Katrine arrived at Crystal’s house after their neighbor told them disturbing details of what Crystal was doing to Christopher.

When they arrived, they found him dead in his bedroom.

That’s right, this monster mom killed her own poor little son on his birthday.

Elena Schweitzer –

Crystal wrapped him in a blanket, and there were bruises all over him.

“I laid him on his back…And I said, “What did you do? What did you do?”

Katrine recounted the chilling details in her testimony.

Cook County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is Crystal in a mugshot

“I killed him, my Christopher.”

Crystal screamed in the background of the 911 call that was placed.

How could a Mom do this?

It’s heartbreaking & unbelievable.

leungchopan –

Pictured below is Crystal’s boyfriend, Cesar Ruiz.

Her defense team blamed the death of Christopher on him and he got 75 years in prison.

Crystal got 35 years.

Cook County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is Crystal’s boyfriend Cesar Ruiz

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