She Caused Her 10-Year-Old Daughter’s Cheer Team To Lose For One Important Reason But Now She’s Asking The Internet If She Shouldn’t Have Done This

“I called her coach who basically told me she has a lot of kids and can’t cater to all their individual needs and that my daughter didn’t seem sick so it wasn’t a big deal,” she said.

“I was really upset that she didn’t care at all. I might have forgiven her if it was just a mistake and she forgot but this could’ve put my daughter in real danger and the coach didn’t show any signs of remorse for her actions or willingness to call me next time.”

She asked her daughter if it would be alright to find a different cheer team to join, and since her daughter doesn’t feel close to the other girls at her current gym, she agreed to move.

She then found a team that needed a flyer, so her daughter tried out for the spot and got it.

Next, she called up her daughter’s coach and explained she would be quitting.

The coach lost is on her and insisted they needed her to win their next competition because the other girls on her daughter’s team can’t do the same things.

Her reply was that the coach should have considered that before refusing to call her when her daughter had thrown up.

She confided in her sister about all this, and her sister thinks it was kind of a jerk move to have her daughter quit when the competition was only a week and a half away.

Her sister told her she should have quit the team after the competition…

…But this mom says the week leading up to it the girls have to practice 6 hours every day.

She doesn’t feel comfortable leaving her daughter with the coach for that much time every day, and she can’t just sit in the lobby to monitor things.

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