She Lost Her Fiancé To A Drunk Driver 3 Weeks Before Their Wedding And Now Her Community Is Trying To Raise Enough Money To Help Her Keep Their Farm

“Casey was a volunteer firefighter and worked for Aberdeen Ambulance Service for several years. He was one of my closest friends and was that guy that would answer his phone any time of day if you needed someone.”

Facebook; pictured above Jasmine and Casey smile together

“He stood beside Jasmine through her battle with cancer. He had the biggest heart and honestly, there’s going to be an empty spot in a lot of hearts with his passing.”

Jorge created the GoFundMe page to help Jasmine cover Casey’s medical and funeral costs.

He also hopes to raise enough money from the community to help Jasmine finish construction on the house and pay for the cattle she was raising with Casey.

Jorge said that Casey would always do what he could to help everyone around him, and hopefully, the community will be able to come together to help Jasmine keep their beloved farm.

You can donate to the GoFundMe page for Jasmine here.

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