She Nearly Died After A Kayaking Accident And Now She’s Fighting For Her Life In The ICU

Missoula, Montana. Lindsay Ashton is an adventurous young woman who loves the outdoors and lives in Missoula with her boyfriend Cooper.

During the summer, Lindsay works as a wildland firefighter. She enjoys spending her free time mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, paragliding, and skiing.

“Anyone who has met Lindsay knows how much of a joy she is to be around, and has undoubtedly been affected by her cheerful and wonderful personality,” a GoFundMe page created for her said.

On May 28th, a Friday, Lindsay and her friends took a trip to Bigfork, Montana, where they went kayaking on Swan River.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Lindsay Ashton

“While kayaking down “The Wild Mile” with two of her friends, Rio and Fin, Lindsay flipped and, we assume, hit her head on a rock hard enough to make her unconscious,” a CaringBridge made for updates on Lindsay explained.

“When Rio and Fin noticed that she wasn’t attempting to flip back over, they quickly went to her aid, doing everything they could to make sure she stayed safe.”

The river that day was fast and the water was quite high, making it nearly impossible for those who witnessed the terrible accident to help Lindsay.

Even though the conditions were dangerous, Linday’s friends Rio and Fin did everything they could to get her out of the water.

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